Books from Pat Kelley Brunjes

Poetry from the Desert Floor

Brunjes’ poetry speaks of the mountain West, and of the people who populate it, through the eyes of someone who has lived there, and loved it. From tiny mountain towns to the harder juniper- and sage-dotted volcanic desert, her poems catch the dignity and stubborn survival of its folk.

(Poetry from the Desert Floor) is a patient, honest investigation of the places where external environment and personal identity clash and reshape one another.  …Kelley’s work emphasizes that relentless struggle is as much a part of the desert as wind and sand, describing the setting as a “barren land” where “men die for water” because “sometimes it rains / sometimes flowers bloom / sometimes little tufts of grass / reach skyward. // But mostly it mocks / the dry cracked earth / and steams its way / back into the sky.”

Kirkus Review

Maggie Callahan follows the trail of an old family legend, the supposed shooting of a Catholic priest by a great Aunt. In a quest spanning Eastern Washington, through church hierarchy and forest fire, she discovers old and newfound relations with the church … and a priest.


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