The Last Confession

“Your Aunt Milly shot a priest.” Maggie Callahan heard these words at every holiday dinner for twenty five years. Her obsession with finding out what happened to her great aunt is a twisted tale. With the help of Father Matthew Brannigan, Maggie searches for the truth. What she learns is unexpected and shocking.

When Maggie decides to use her investigative skills to discover the truth, she’s blocked by an influential bishop who is determined to protect the Catholic Church at all costs. But then she develops an unexpected connection to a young parish priest, Father Matthew. Together they follow the clues to uncover a twisting tale that leaves them questioning the ultimate sacrifice made for faith and love.

The Last Confession lends itself to discussion from multiple points of view, so we’re trying out a different platform for a book signing. Read the book ahead of time, bring it in to a discussion and a signing.

Clinton Library Readers Group

The Last Confession
$15.00 + Shipping & Tax

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