Date Set for NorCal Brewing Solutions Book Signing

On May 4th, NorCal Brewing Solutions in Redding CA will be having a brew day in their fancy new digs. From what I hear, there will be all kinds of brewing and demonstrations going on all day, and in the middle all of that I’ll be doing my hobby distilling lecture, now extended to cover reflux distilling, with some new visuals, and a book signing.

I haven’t seen Jay’s new place, but he tells me it’s roomy, well-stocked, and has a dedicated training/classroom area. Aside from being happy about the book signing, I don’t get much chance to brew with other people, so I’m expecting to have a wonderful time.

For those who might travel to participate, it’s at:
NorCal Brewing Solutions
1768 Churn Creek Road
Redding, CA

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