First Day of the 2013 Making Fine Spirits Book Tour

Well, the 2013 second annual cross-country Zymurgy Bob book scramble, lecture series, and serial cluster-(bleep) is underway, and its beginnings are seriously inauspicious.

I spent the first night away from home at my daughter’s house in Hillsboro, Oregon, with my grandson Sean. While there, I had a bad drug trip (on a prescribed drug, mind you) from which some truly amazing symptoms developed.

When I put a forkful of scrambled eggs in my mouth, consciousness flew from my body like a wild bird, and I buried my face in my breakfast. I’m told my eyes made little X’s.

Sean was so impressed by my trick, that he called his friends over to watch, and they came right away, but oddly they brought a fire truck with them, evidently assuming that my entertainment skills extended to self-combustion, or something similarly spectacular. Sean’s friends were also seriously impressed by my trick. and talked me into going with them to show my trick to their friends over at the hospital. They being generous, I got the reclining seat on the way over.

The hospital friends were very nice (although sometimes a bit forward with pokey things, and found great amusement in pasting wires all over my body – just hospital humor, I guess), so I was able to show them my trick a few more times (what is there about scrambled eggs?), but I was very firm with them that I had to be in Eugene the next afternoon for a book signing.

I don’t think they heard me very clearly, because they planned a big sleepover, sort of. I didn’t get much and they were helling around all night, so it was a mixed blessing, and one helluva first day out.

ZBob on the road

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