Good Times and Book Signing at the Jackson County (OR) Harvest fair

Thanks to the help and hospitality of Bob and Tonessa Bocales, of Grain, Beans & Things in Medford OR, I moderated, lectured, demonstrated and signed books at the Distiller’s Conference¬† at the Jackson County Harvest Fair on September 23. We had about 30 attendees who were primed with no end of great questions. We went late talking distilling, which is a presenter’s ideal situation. These folks were really hungry for distilling information, and I just hope I satisfied them.

While I talked, I had an essential oil extractor variation of my little coffeepot teaching still from the book running, extracting oil from cedar twigs. That gave the group a chance to watch some real (and legal) distillation in process, and the aroma was wonderful.

With luck, I’ll be doing this again next year.

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