Making Fine Spirits at the Oregon Beer & Wine Fest

We’re back from the Oregon Beer & Wine Fest in Portland, where we sold both Making Fine Spirits and Poetry from the Desert Floor from our booth. Considering our sheer newness to the venue, it went very well indeed.

PatInKBABooth03Dealing with the brewer-winemaker-experimenter mob was every bit as much fun as I expected; we shared stories and ideas and hardware designs and recipes, and laughed until it hurt. We were right across the aisle from all the microdistillers, who were serving taster samples as fast as they could. By the time they got to us, many of the show-goers had a lovely glow going, and we were pretty much surrounded by happy people.

Big Bottom Distillery booth

Big Bottom Distillery booth

Probably the best fun at the show was provided by the men in skirts, be-kilted gentlemen from a family spanning the SpiritLake ID to Bandon OR corridor. In future travels, we’re going to have to stop in both these places, to eat and drink magnificently, probably.

As exhausting as the show was, I can’t wait for next year.

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