Puracyn MSDS

This version of Innovacyn’s hypochlorous acid is, at 240 ppm, the highest concentration of hypochlorous acid I’ve found on the open market. The information to be gained from this MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) includes the hypochlorous acid concentration, as well as, pretty much by omission, safety concerns about its use.

For instance, both “Eye Contact First Aid” and “Skin Contact First Aid” are treated with “Flush with water, if wished“. Treating “if wished” doesn’t indicate a lot of danger. For Inhalation First Aid, we find “no known risks if inhaled”. For Ingestion First Aid, we find “product is non-irritant, non-toxic”. It appears that nothing reasonable that you can do with this product, the strongest of all the hypochlorous acid solutions examined here, can cause you harm while it’s killing (rendering ineffective, really- viruses aren’t technically alive) the coronavirus.

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