The Great Songbird Way Bunker Hunker, Day 15

It’s been a bit more than two weeks since we (me, my wife Pat, and all the folks who live up and down the street from us) decided to heed the words of our leaders (well, almost all of our leaders) to eliminate or carefully control our physical contact with the people around us, with the purpose of eliminating or carefully controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

I have to say, and understand this is terribly subjective, but so far, so good. Yes, I’m horribly aware that all around the world folks sickening and dying in frightening numbers, while taxing our medical abilities right up to the breaking point, but we, us, here, have only seen one of our friends contract the disease, and she is apparently back to full health.

She even brought us a cake a few nights ago, but she stayed on the porch and handed the cake to us while we stayed inside (after disinfection, the cake was delicious).

But as peaceful as our forested cul-de-sac in a tiny beachside community appears to be, there’s a strong undercurrent of helping. I think we all understand that helping others now is helping us in the future. For example, some of us are making protective masks to help with the national shortage.

We’ve also adapted several sanitizer, disinfectant, virus de-activator, medical wound dressing, and veterinary medicine formulas for dilute hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to an easily-made-at-home general-purpose anti-viral (and -bacterial, and -fungal) to deal with the national shortage of hand sanitizer. Not only does this stuff sanitize hands, but also faces, doorknobs, elevator button, countertops, and it’s also safe in eyes. You can safely, quite literally, bathe in the stuff (and one of the references on our web page proves that), and it’s so inexpensive to make that it might as well be free.

I’ve devoted this page on our site to understanding, trusting, and making this sanitizer. To protect us all, we give away gallon milk jugs of this 0.02% HOCl to new users, to get them hooked, and to help protect us all.

It seems we can be productive and keep our heads down, all at the same time.

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