Distilling Resources

Harry Jackson’s The Alcohol Library

Harry is one of the founders of the modern, internet-supported hobby beverage distillation movement, and to further that end, he has created a free library for in-house reading of distillation subjects. The breadth and depth of material is wonderful, and the source books are often arcane and rare. This site is a treasure, and comes with its own online reading facility. The Alcohol Library

Robert Ben’s Distiller’s Library

This is a new library to me, but appears to have a wealth of historical distillation documents, available in in segments as pdf files. Distiller’s Library

Fester’s Artisan Copper Works

ACW copper parts assortmentThis company started as an American distiller (and friend from the forums), living in China, encouraging Chinese manufacturers to create copper still parts at modest prices. As hobby distillers saw the possibilities of such a venture, a multinational co-operation envolved with marketing, engineering, design, and testing people all around the globe. The results? Wonderful, affordable copper still parts, starting with simple stills, and rapidly evolving into valved multiplate designs. If you plan on building your own, you need to talk to these guys. Artisan Copper Works

Yahoo New Distillers Group

The Yahoo New Distillers group is the best place I know for the new distiller to read, learn, and ask about issues important to the beginning distiller. The newbie will find a wealth of information and photographs available, as well as a steady stream of newbie questions and answers from the cadre of more experienced distillers that serve this group. In addition to being informative on a level appropriate to the new distiller, the list is friendly and polite; flame wars or rudeness are simply not tolerated here

I’m a moderator of this list, and suggest that you bring your technical questions, whether from Making Fine Spirits or not, to this forum. If it’s a question within my expertise, I’ll answer you. If not I’ll let the rest of the merry band take care of you. To sign up for this group, click New Distillers

Yahoo Distillers Group

Everything I’ve said about the Yahoo New Distiller group applies to the Yahoo Distillers group, with the great exception of the level of experience and information traded here. Although the same people, for the most part, are here to respond to your posts, the responders expect you to bring some experience to the table. Because these people are basically polite and helpful, they may answer a beginner’s question, but you will probably be guided to the New Distillers group for further postings. I’m a moderator here also.

To sign up for this group, click Distillers

Pintoshine’s The Artisan Distiller Site

The Artisan Distiller site, compared to the Yahoo Groups, is huge, hyperactive, tangled wonderment, but it contains more theorizing, building, designing, innovating, and testing than any other site I’ve seen, all lavishly supported with photos and drawings. Its vitality (and outspoken irreverence) can be overwhelming to some, so lurk for a while to see if it fits your style. Navigating all the posts takes some experience (I use the “View New Posts” link). If you want to see everything that’s happening in hobby distillation, you need this site, but you may want to brace yourself.

Find this forum at Artisan Distillers and go to Artisan Distiller Forums.

Tony Ackland’s Home Distiller Site

NOTE:This site is currently in a state of flux, and reflects only partly the greatness of the original site. The original site still exists in “mirror” sites, which have been taken offline pending legal disposition of rights to the original site data. I hope this great loss will prove to be temporary.

Before you do anything rash with respect to building or buying, or even running, a still, you should probably read this site in its entirety, twice. For years, Tony and all the other supporting hobby distillers have been pumping their combined knowledge and experience into this web site, and it fairly bursts with the answers to both the questions you have, and the questions you don’t even know enough to ask, yet. Home Distillation of Alcohol

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