Making Pure Corn Whiskey

making-pure-whiskey-book-coverIn Making Pure Corn Whiskey, Smiley’s primary focus is mashing, fermenting, distilling, making the cuts, diluting, and aging corn whiskey in a de-tuned reflux still.

In the process, he explains reflux distillation principles, potstills, whiskey stills, grain malting, as well as wheat, rye, barley, and millet spirits. He gives detailed procedures for making regular allgrain and “thin” mashes as well as cooked and un-cooked sourmash, with some very specific methods for calculating what your results will and should be.

Would you like to learn how to malt and kiln corn like the old masters? Smiley spells out the process in great detail. Want to know how to adjust reflux ratio during a still run?. Smiley’s instructions are all you need.

From choosing a still design and building it, through selection of a grain and mash type, through the necessary measuring and calculating, to blending and storing your prized golden drop, this book has everything you need to know to turn whole grain to fine whisky.

$24.95 + Shipping & Tax

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